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wwe summer slam.21 august 2016 biss key


WWE’s second biggest pay-per-view each year, the 2016
edition of SummerSlam should be a showcase for the company as
it attempts to build on its recent draft and brand split.
The evening begins at 5 p.m. ET as WWE presents a two-hour
kickoff show prior to the event itself, which begins an hour
earlier than normal at 7 p.m. ET and will run over four hours.
It all goes down live Sunday,
Aug. 21 from Brooklyn, New York wwe Summer slam Main?


Demon King or not, it doesn’t matter to me pal.” Seth Rollins is back on his game and back in control as he takes Finn down to the canvas and applies a chinlock.

Now he’s taunting him in the corner, before kicking him in the head. “Come on boy” he mocks.
Rollins goes to the top rope for a springboard knee attack, then lands a HUGE frog splash after leaping across the ring and connecting perfectly on the chest of his prone opponent. He is just so good.

wwe summerslam 2016 matches,

10E TP:11144 H 6111 DVB-S MPEG 2 – 4:2:0
id: GCUK ENC 10
TP:11130 H 15000 DVB-S2 8PSK
MPEG 4 – 4:2:0 – HDTV
Biss key:21 B4 A2 77 DA 1D 2E 2A


New biss keys 22.08.2016

WWE PPV – SUMMERSLAM 2016 Asiasat 100.5E
TP:3840 H 15000 (HD) TP3855 H 6111 (SD)
Biss key: 21 B4 A2 77 DA 1D 2E 25

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