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Brand Australia push in regional channel revamp

Propaganda not an issue, says Australia Network CEO The new Australia Network born out of the old ABC Asia Pacific – may be Aussie down to the bugs on screen, but there’s not an Australian it would rather have in its audience over a true-blue Asian viewer. “This channel has …

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Australia plans new fix sat-nav gap

From http://www.bbc.com/news/innovation 36912700 Australia is moving Australia is to move its longitude and scope to address a hole between nearby co-ordinates and those from worldwide route satellite frameworks (GNSS). Neighborhood co-ordinates, used to deliver maps and estimations, and worldwide ones vary by more than 1m. The body in charge of …

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Intelsat 19 166.0E 12726 H “Rai Italia Australia

Intelsat 19 166.0E 12726 H “Rai Italia Australia” is currently scrambled. ChinaSat 6A 125.0E 4130 V CCTV 1, CCTV 2, CCTV 4 Asia, CCTV 10, CCTV 12, CCTV 13, CCTV 14 and CCTV 15 have begun on , Videoguard. ChinaSat 6B 115.5E 4080 H “GreatSports Channel, Lucky Channel, Newsreel Documentary, …

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