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Oscam 1.20 openpli


Name Size File
 oscam_1.20-rev-11267-Pli-4.0-emu 769.1 KB Download
 oscam_1.20-rev-11267-Pli-4.0 687.0 KB Download
 oscam_1.20-rev-11267-oe2.0-emu 765.0 KB Download
 oscam_1.20-rev-11267-oe2.0  683.8 KB Download
 oscam_1.20-rev-11267-oe1.6-emu 745.1 KB Download
oscam_1.20-rev-11267-oe1.6 666.3 KB Download
oscam_1.20-rev-11267-fpu-emu 713.8 KB Download
oscam_1.20-rev-11267-fpu 635.9 KB Download

OScam is a softcam, software to be used to decrypt digital
television channels on a settopbox (receiver), as an alternative
for a conditional access module (CAM). OScam is, compared with other
softcams (CCcam, mgcamd, etc.), open source. Hence, the name Open Source
Conditional Access Module (OScam). OScam is based on the not so well known
softcam MpCS. The main features of OSCam are next to its softcam
capabilities, that it is able to function as a cardserver


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