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Dunya News Biss Key 2017

key will decrypt the signal.

Dunya News Biss Key 2017

Only a decoder with the correct secret BISS-key will be able to decrypt a BISS-E feed. This gives rightsholder control as to exactly which decoder can be used to decrypt/decode a specific feed. Any BISS-E encrypted feed will have a corresponding BISS-1 key that will unlock it.

Dunya news biss key 2017




Dunya TV Biss Key On Paksat 1R at 38.0E 2017 (Working)

Dunya TV Biss Key and Frequency 2016
Satellite Paksat 1R at 38.0°E
Channel Name Dunya Intl
Frequency 4135
Polarity V (Vertical)
Symbol Rate 2222
SID 0001
03.04.2017 C5 55 79 93 3A 1D DB 32
Biss Keys 1: D299 65D0 56F4 A1EB




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