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Channel Nine Brisbane and Channel Nine Perth” have started

Intelsat 8 169.0E 12286 H “TBS Channel 2” has started on , PowerVu.

Intelsat 19 166.0E 12563 V “9 GEM, Channel Nine Melbourne, 9 Go!, 9 Life, Extra, Channel Nine Brisbane and Channel Nine Perth” have started on , Fta.
Intelsat 19 166.0E 12575 H “TFC Asia-Pacific, ANC, Cinema One Global, Bro, DZMM TeleRadyo, Pay Per View on TFC, Lifestyle Network and Pay Per View on TFC 2” have left .

Palapa D 113.0E 3986 H “Ummat TV Quran” has started on , Fta.
Palapa D 113.0E 4014 H “Sunna TV” has left again.

AsiaSat 7 105.5E 3638 H “AP1 TV” has started on , Fta.
AsiaSat 7 105.5E Hum TV World and Hum TV MENA on 4155 H are encrypted again.

ChinaSat 11 98.0E Kitanesia TV and Space Toon 3 Indonesia have started on 12500 V, clear.

G-Sat 15 93.5E 11170 V “Vaa Movies has replaced Teleshop” on , Fta.

Measat 3 91.5E 4012 V “CT, Solar Sports, Basketball TV, Jack TV, 2nd Avenue, ETC, NBA Premium TV and Shop TV” have started on , PowerVu.

Measat 3a 91.4E 3760 H “BeIn Sports 1/2 Indonesia” have started on , Irdeto.

Yamal 401 90.0E 11668 H “Fashion One Europe” has left .

ST 2 88.0E 11672 V Zee Yuva, Vaa Movies and Sony Max 2 have started on , encrypted. GS TV, BTV News and SVBC have left.

ST 2 88.0E 3629 H “TVBS, TVBS News, TVBS Entertainment Channel, TVBS Asia and TVBS News” are encrypted again.

Insat 4A 83.0E 3725 H “Ishwar TV” has started on , Fta.
Insat 4A 83.0E 3805 H “Cine 21” has started on , Fta
Insat 4A 83.0E 3725 H “ABN TV Network” has started on , Fta.

Thaicom 5 78.5E 3505 V “Maya Channel HD Life TV” has started on , BISS.
Thaicom 5 78.5E 3600 H “Somali National TV” has started on , Fta.

Thaicom 6 78.5E 3800 H “Lady Channel and Playboy TV Thailand” have left .

Intelsat 20 68.5E 3809 V “Zee Talkies” has started on , Conax.

Intelsat 20 68.5E 12602 V “Theos TV” has started on , Fta.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 12682 H “Vision 3 TV, Press TV and IFilm English” have started on , Fta. Rock of Victory TV has left.

Thaicom 8 78.5E 11640 H “MCOT HD, One HD 31, TV 3 HD, Amarin 34 HD, BBTV Channel 7, PPTV HD 36, Series + HD, Travel Channel HD, Variety One HD, Variety Two HD,Motorsport TV, World Story HD, World Movies HD and Asia Movie HD” have started on, BISS.

Yamal 401 90.0E 11265 H “Kanal Disney” is Fta.

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