Bol News New Frequency

  Bol Network New Frequency On Pakisat 1R 38E New Updates 10.03.2017   Satellite Paksat  1R 38E Channel Name  Bol News Network Urdu Channel Name  Bol News Network Sindhi Channel Name Bol News Network Pashto Channel Name  Bol News Network Balochi   Band C Band   Bandwidth 32 MHz   …

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Paksat 1R @ 38° East Satellite & New Frequency Updates

TV on Paksat 38°East new upgrade Frequency redesigns and more paksat stations recurrence , paksat recurrence 2017, satellite television stations frequencies and solid frequencies day by day overhauls . Apna Channel, KTN Network, Channel Five, AJK bolster, VSH News, PTV Hom , PTV News, PTV Sports,PTV World,PTV Global UK and …

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BTV World New Frequency Update

BTV has flown in the Satellite-Air through Test Transmission from the 24 th February 2004 as BTV World with the following Parameter   Satellite AsiaSat- 3S   Band C Band   Bandwidth 15 MHz   Orbital Position 105.5 0 East   Polarization Vertical   Symble Rate 11.3946 MSymb/sec   Transponder …

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Sahara One

Sahara Samay  last updated 2016-06-09 Follow the analog and digital satellite frequencies on our daily updated Satellite Beam Frequency FEC SR Network AsiaSat-7  C-Band 3652 v 14100 Sahara Samay    Channel name .Encryption  VPID Video Farmet Sahara One  DVB-S 512 MPEG-2 Samay Rajasthan Free To Air 513 MPEG-2 Sahara  Samay …

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ARY News Satellite On Paksat 1R at 38E

ARY Network Frequency On Paksat 1R at 38.0E 2017 Update 2017 On Paksat ARY Channels Frequency 2016 Satellite Paksat 1R at 38.0°E Channel Name ARY channels Frequency  3685 Polarity H (Horizontal) Symbol Rate  26500 ARY Zindagi Encryption Farmet   ARY Digital Asia  FTA MPEG4 HD   ARY Digital UK Irdeto …

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