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Atlas HD 100 Main Software a30



Atlas HD-100 MainSoftware A130

HD-100 K.Y.N.G Update Files (kuf)


This is a boot file to update your boxes to correct the “fail” problem and to add the

possibility to update the main software during boot/startup from USB. File must be in

root directory and name must be “kyng_usb.kuu”, during boot process you must keep

pressing the “menu” button of the front panel until “usb” is displayed for it to work.

This boot version will also act as a cleaner for the box, in cases where there are data

bases corruptions, you no longer need cleaner software, this boot will do it. Since the

clean procedure will delete all the data bases, we made it hard to start the clean

process without real intention from the user. To start the clean process, all you have

to do is, quickly press the “CH▼” button then the “VOL►” button (not at the same time,

only one button at a time), you will notice that the front panel display will start a

counter, you will have to wait until “End” is displayed.

kbt file to use with KYNG HD Multiloader and .kuf file to use from the receiver menu

HD-100 Boot Loader A103.rar

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