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Amita Ka Amit – Episode 88 – 20th May 2013


Feng Shui fever in Amit’s House – Amita places Feng Shui items in her room but this apparently does not go down too well with Amit. Amit’s Father apologizes to him. Light moment takes place between Amita and Amit. Will Amita express her feelings for Amit? Will Amit fall in love with Amita? — Watch this episode of Amita Ka Amit to find out.

“In today’s time, every youngster, wherever they are… & however average they are… actually wants the spouse of their dreams that perfect Kareena or ranbir kapoor…! In fact, every parent, too, wants the “perfect spouse” for their kids…! This story is about the dreams of two youngsters… two “average” Gujarati youngsters… & their families… based in Mumbai…22-year-old Arts graduate Amita Patel… & 24-year-old stock broker Amit Shah…Two everyday people whom we all know, & come across. Both have big dreams for their respective spouses.. But what happens when these two average people who dream of an extraordinary spouse.. get married to each other out of compulsion..

An extraordinary love story of two very ordinary people is what Amita ka Amit is all about.”


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